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About us

Stores "Avalon" offers stylish, luxurious and unique gifts for any man or woman.Greates ideas for birthday, wedding, anniversary, anniversaries. Impressive decoration for home, office, restaurant.

In "Avalon"you  will find attractive items of leather, glass, mango wood.Office accessories, games, sculptures, paintings, statuettes, decorative bottles of exotic leather wallets, vases, lamps, serving everything fine, art products, feng shui accessories.

Company "AVALON DESIGN-M" LTD is established 1995 years. From the outset, began to develop a network of retail outlets. Deals entirely with import and marketing of luxury gift items, home accessories and decoration.

Offered items are ordered or made to special and unique for Bulgaria design  and models. Trademark "Avalon" enjoys a very good reputation as offering products with high quality and individual design in the field of gift and decoration items.

All the goods are wholly owned imports. We work with commercial companies and manufacturers in various countries around the world - Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Holland, China, India, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan.

In stores "Avalon" can find a wide variety of groups of items, styles and decoration materiali.Unique solutions, original ideas for any gift. We offer your choice:

*   Glassware: vases, figurines, table mats, candle holders, wine glasses, cloth
*   Wood products: wall panels, statues, figures, vases, candlesticks, bowls
*   Ceramic: vases, statuettes, fabric, bathroom accessories
*   Office Accessories:  Desk sets and office, made from leather or  wood
*   Leather goods: bags, wallets, business card holders, organizers, carrying documents, office set
*   Decorative bottles for beverages "ROURA", bottle stands and cups
*   Decorative pieces: steel "Hinz & Kunst", wood and metal "FORMS", glass, brass, ceramics (author)
*   Games: cards, dominoes, chess, backgammon, dice sets
*   Jewelry box: wood, leather, music boxes
*   Home: cotton tablecloths, table mats, cotton, leather, bamboo, glass, cork, colored "Pimpernell", coasters, serving trays made of wood and leather , holders for newspapers
*   Wrought iron: stands for newspapers, bottles, candlesticks, folding table
*   Wine glasses
*   Porcelain cups, "Pimpernell", espresso, tea, cappuccino
*   Candles, decorative scented
*   Decoration: stone, marble sand, starfish, dried leaves, cinnamon
*   Flowers: from natural palm leaves, twigs, herbs, orchids
*   Author's articles of brass and ceramics, Paul Bozheryanov
*   Exotic objects: sushi kits, articles of teak, coconut shells
*   Photo frames: metal, glass, wood
*   Mirrors -  frame teak
*   Clocks: Desktop, wall
*   Fragrance: 100% natural oils, candles, incense, aromatherapy vessels, diffusers, scented cylinders
*   Cards, Greeting, Christmas
*   Christmas decorations: flowers, candles, pictures, wreaths for door decorations for the tree, musical pieces
*   Asian style: panels with hieroglyphics, statues of Buddha, hand-painted fans, pieces of elephant teak panels
*   Fang shui items
*   Other
   And all at exceptional prices with no competition in the industry.

The strategy of development that the company should be seeking new and attractive products that satisfy our most regular customers. Also increase the number of outlets and promote the brand in neighboring countries.
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