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    Stylish and unique gifts for every occasion and person, original decoration and objects for home and office.

   Gift for man or woman.Gift for  birthday and anniversary. Gift for wedding . Great ideas, suggestions for unique, stylish and luxurious items in stores "Avalon". Impressive  decoration for your home, office, restaurant.

      In "Avalon" you will find attractive items from metal, leather, glass,ceramics, wrought iron, mango wood. Office accessories, games,sculptures, decorative bottles, vases, lamps, art products, feng shui accessories.

      Company "AVALON DESIGN-M" LTD is  established in 1995. Responsible for import and marketing of luxury gift items, home accessories and decoration. Offered items have the unique patterns and designs for Bulgaria.

      Our  experienced team with pleasure and professionalism made ​​the design of  homes, offices, restaurants and shops.

      When purchasing corporate gifts - we have quantities in stock,we offer great discounts.

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